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BMS Matching Service

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BMS Status

Applicant Country Buying Products Date Status
mar*** Croatia/Hrvatska Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) 2017-11-23 Completed
bru*** Korea, Republic of bags 2017-11-23 Completed
sta*** India Charcoal Sheet 2017-11-23 Completed
i.e*** Turkey V-Band Clamps, Hose Clamps 2017-11-23 Completed
jxg*** China Led Display Module 2 Chips 3528 12V for Lig... 2017-11-23 Completed
jwl*** Korea, Republic of electric roaster 2017-11-23 Completed
gor*** Russian Federation Frozen sea cucmber 2017-11-23 Completed
ctc*** China Hybrid post insulators, epoxy resin bushing... 2017-11-23 Completed
pri*** Korea, Republic of laminator,roll laminator,cold laminator. 2017-11-23 Completed
kch*** Korea, Republic of Roll Formed Stringer / B767 Upper Panel Ass... 2017-11-23 Completed

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Global Sourcing Professionals

  • Gemma Seo
    IT, Electronics, Telecommunication, Chemicals
    Main Market
    Germany, France, China, Taiwan, Russia, India
  • Eric Lee
    Chemicals, Medicals
    Main Market
    South America

  • YD Kim
    IT, Electronics, Security, Consumer Products
    Main Market
    Europe, Russia, USA, Middle east contries
  • Eleen Gu
    Electronics, Consumer products
    Main Market
    Europe, South America
  • Derek Kim
    Publishing and printing product, New&renewable energy product, Semiconductor area
    Main Market
    China, Malaysia, Philippines, United,Kingdom, Netherland, France
  • Tracy Choi
    Machinery, Consumer products
    Main Market
    USA, Europe, Southeast Asia and Middle East
  • ST Kim
    Automotive parts, LED, Leather, Chemical
    Main Market
    USA, Europe, Japan,China
  • William K. Hong
    William K. Hong
    Electronics, Consumer products, Semiconductor area, Chemicals
    Main Market
    Europe, USA, Japan, India, Southeast Asia